Original Price: $49.95
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VIA ARTiGO A900 (Fanless)
Your Price: $279.95
Giada F300-i5 (Fanless)
Your Price: $749.95
Giada G300-i5
Your Price: $829.95
Giada F102D-SSD (Fanless)
Your Price: $289.95
Giada i57-i5 Pro Slim PC System
Your Price: $679.95
Giada i56-B8641 Slim PC System
Your Price: $599.95
E-PRO M3500-H81M
Your Price: $329.95
Giada A51B Slim PC System
Your Price: $199.95
Jetway JBC372F36W (Fanless)
Your Price: $249.95
Jetway JBC361F35W (Fanless)
Your Price: $379.95
Jetway JBC362F36W (Fanless)
Your Price: $199.95
E-PRO M05-N2800
Original Price: $329.95
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E-PRO M10-D2550L2
Original Price: $319.95
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E-PRO M2059-N70E
Your Price: $339.95
Giada D2303-i5 Mini PC System
Original Price: $559.95
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Welcome to - An Excellent ITX, Industrial and Embedded PC Solutions Provider

Embedded Systems, Embedded Boards and Embedded Components are designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions, with custom software on top of embedded operating systems (such as Windows Embedded, Windows 7 Embedded, Linux, etc.). Unlike the conventional commercial computer systems, all of the embedded systems and components offer a minimum of 3 years longevity support with fixed BOM (bill of material), revision control and lifecycle management, to ensure the application development effort will not be wasted due to hardware changes. E-ITX also offer BIOS and minor hardware modifications for qualified OEM projects, to enhance the value for your custom applications.

E-ITX offer a wide selection of VIA and Intel based embedded platforms for many different targeted applications, including Industrial Automation, Transit System, Digital Signage, Network Appliance, Embedded Storage, Digital Home, In-Vehicle, POS, POI, Kiosk, etc.

Partnering with well-known companies and manufacturers such as VIA Technologies, Lanner Inc., Apacer Technology, G-Alantic Enterprise, and many other small to large scale manufacturers from overseas, we can provide you with all of your Industrial and Embedded Computing needs in a varies form factors - including Mini-ITX, Em-ITX, Nano-ITX, Pico-ITX, Pico-ITXe, Mobile-ITX and other custom form factor platforms.

We ship worldwide and offer volume as well as reseller discounts. We look forward to work with you on your embedded project and serving you with the best knowledge and service.

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