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Full Line of VIA Embedded Systems, Motherboards and Peripherals

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VIA provides a comprehensive range of system-ready platform solutions for industrial computer, panel PC, digital signage system, networked storage, network appliance, etc.

E-ITX is a Tier-1 Strategic Partner with VIA Technologies, Inc. supporting major OEM/ODM projects for USA, Canada and S. America markets, enables qualified customers to have fast implementation for their projects by providing BTOS (Build-to-Order-Service). Customers are empowered with the ability to customize a configuration from a selection of custom Chassis, embedded mainboards, embedded components, and accessories for their own application-ready system solutions and receive orders more quickly. E-ITX facilitates the process through optimizing entire value-added options for customers - from product design and development to production, sales and service.

E-ITX provides complete platforms and services by leveraging our own extensive expertise in hardware engineering, hardware design, and system integration. Moreover, the VIA Embedded Platforms can easily upgrade without additional time spent in R&D. VIA EPIA (Embedded Platform Innovative Architecture) embedded boards are the embodiment of VIA's feature rich and power efficient platform technologies. EPIA boards come in a variety of flavors and form factors. A mix of lower-power embedded processors, core logic, networking connectivity and multimedia components make up the wide selection of available Mini-ITX (17cm x 17cm), Nano-ITX (12cm x 12cm), Em-ITX (17cm x 12cm), Pico-ITX (10cm x 7.2cm), Pico-ITXe (10cm x 7.2cm) and Mobile-ITX (6cm x 6cm) embedded platforms.

Please contact viaembedded@e-itx.com to discuss your OEM/ODM project requirements directly with our VIA Product Manager.

VIA OEM Systems
Based on VIA Embedded Platforms
Wide variety of Embedded Segments
Hardware Design Services
Project Management Services
VIA ARTiGO A1250 System
VIA AMOS-3005 System
ITX292 M910-12Q-C3P
ITX292 M910-12Q-C5
ITX292 M920-20Q-C4
ITX292 VB7009-12QCE-C4
ITX292 VB7009-12QCE-C2P
ITX350 M910-10E
ITX350 M910-12Q
ITX350 M920-16QE
ITX350 M920-20Q
ITX350 VB7009-12QCE
VIA Embedded Boards
With their rich feature sets, low power consumption, and cutting-edge functionality and performance, VIA Embedded Mini-ITX boards are ideal for a myriad of embedded design applications, including digital signage, industrial automation, healthcare, HMI, thin clients, and transportation.
VIA EPIA M910-16
VIA VB7009-12QCE